Max Pastukhov

Marketing Software Developer

I’m not a “startup”, I’m just trying to solve the most important business problem (marketing) using my hobby (software development).

The best way to develop great products is to use them personally. It’s what I do every day: marketing in the mornings, software development in the afternoons.

I intentionally don’t delegate or outsource marketing, PR and sales. This way I get plenty of good ideas on how to organize and automate my work.

I don’t want to grow my business, so I’m not looking for investments or employees. What I’m looking for are ideas.

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Plan, research, keep journal, take notes and write summaries

It may look like it's yet-another-note-taking-application, but it radically differs from all the products in this field.

The idea is simple: a tree of notes, an "outliner". What makes it different is the core principle of editing the notes: you don't "edit" them, you "append" to them. It feels like a chat in Skype or Facebook. And it's convenient for marketing, because we mostly record new facts, ideas and plans, then occasionally organize and edit them.

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Pastukhov Keyword Database

Huge downloadable keyword database you can use to develop tools and services

I harvest keywords and keyword data since 2005. Starting from a tiny 5-million keyword database, now I have 4,528,316,937 (4,5 billion) English keywords with the popularity/competition/PPC cost data on all popular keywords (329,387,687). You can use keywords and data to build your software – both internal, for private/company use or as a public service, including paid one.

It contains all niches: finance, business, blog, computer, health, art, news, reference, regional, world, science, society, shopping, sports, home, games, construction, etc. All keywords are unique, with strict filtering to maximize their overall quality.

The database comes as two compressed text files: one with all keywords (125,6 Gb, 20,6 Gb compressed), another one with all keywords that have non-zero data (9,48 Gb, 1,82 Gb compressed, 329,387,687 keywords total with the data on each of them, separated by '|' char).

Google provides data only for the most popular keywords, therefore “long tail” keywords contains no data. But these keywords are of high quality, too - they are real human queries extracted from Google keyword tools.

The sample of such service is my online keyword database (I can give you free access to see the data in action, but my online service is based on my older database, about 1.3 billions keywords with older data).

Last data update was in May 2016, and there are the following columns in data file:

  • Google Searches per Month for USA (exact match);
  • Google Adwords Cost-per-Click for USA (Average cost per click for an individual keyword in Google AdWords.
  • Google Searches per Month for UK (exact match);
  • Google Adwords Cost-per-Click for UK (Average cost per click for an individual keyword in Google AdWords.

    There are no long-term obligations: you order them for a one-time fee without any extra costs. I update data once every 6-9 months. There are no free updates; there is a 40-60% discount from its original price (depending on the time passed since the last update).

    The license price is $2,470, it includes all source text files you can import into any database of your choice. Please note that you will need some experience working with big databases – you should find an experienced developer before you order.

    You can pay via PayPro Global using PayPal or credit card. Please contact me at before the purchase and I will send you a payment link depending on the database license.

    I will send you the links to the files as soon as we have received the notification of your payment (from 30 minutes to 6 hours). The download links will remain available for you as long as you need them.

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