An author of a number of marketing tools of the past (TheDowser, Xedant, Keyword Harvester, etc).

A Founder CEO of – a Content Marketing Automation company, focused on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in marketing and sales.

My hobby is to research, design, optimize and automate business processes, mostly in marketing and sales.

I’m a big fan of Daniel Kahneman’s ideas on decision making and Action Research as a management methodology. I highly recommend them if you want to grow your business at the maximum speed possible.

I always try to learn more about business grows and management in general from successful managers and help aspiring startup founders at my blog, Linkedin, Reddit and Quora. My goal is to become as good at these topics as possible and help other aspiring entrepreneurs and managers to grow their businesses.

I’m always free for a chat about marketing and sales automation, Action Research and decision making. Please don’t hesitate to ping me via Telegram or any other way if you need some help or advice.