The Author

Founder and CEO at Adomation, focused on  accumulating, reusing, and scaling marketing knowledge and expertise.

I’m a software developer, I hate doing and managing marketing and sales, that’s why I replaced myself with an AI-powered marketing management system. It helped me to keep my team small and effective, plus brought me full control over every step of our marketing campaigns.

I was so impressed by expert systems that I decided to invest into popularizing this technology and support companies in the field. If your startup develops and uses expert systems, if you actively accumulate and reuse knowledge and expertise, please contact me. I’m always eager to help like-minded people!

My big goal is to acquire, accumulate and reuse all available marketing expertise into a fully automated self-learning marketing management system.

Here I share my experience of designing, running and scaling expert systems, and some ideas on how to approach marketing automation in a better way. I also curate the most interesting articles, videos, books, researches and news on expert systems and marketing automation. If you want to contribute, please contact me.

I’m a big fan of Daniel Kahneman’s ideas on decision making and Action Research as a management methodology. I’m trying to learn more about business grows and management from successful managers and help other startup founders at my blog, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora.

Please contact me if you need my help or advice. I always welcome criticism because it really helps me to evolve faster. So, if you disagree with anything I say, don’t hesitate to start a discussion!

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